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A binocular buyers guide for birders

Here are tips for shoppers and recommendations for the best models at numerous price points … Read More “A binocular buyers guide for birders”

BirdWatching Membership Program offers premium ID and photo content

Benefits for members include invitations to quarterly webinars featuring David Sibley, Kenn Kaufman, and other experts … Read More “BirdWatching Membership Program offers premium ID and photo content”


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PBS film offers intimate look at nesting Osprey

Follow the struggles and triumphs of the sea hawks in new ‘definitive wildlife film … Read More “PBS film offers intimate look at nesting Osprey”

Birders celebrate Birdability Week 2021

Second annual event offers opportunity to share resources and ideas to welcome birders with disabilities and other health concerns … Read More “Birders celebrate Birdability Week 2021”

Bird Identification

How to identify bluebirds

Use this advice to distinguish Eastern Bluebirds from Mountain and Western … Read More “How to identify bluebirds”

HONGK- Brake Pads Compatible with Kawasaki ZX6RR ZX 600 2003-200

David Sibley warns of the tricks light can play on birders when it comes to identification … #12 x 1-1/2" Self Drilling Screws 410 Stainless Steel Hex Washer

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2021 Birds in Flight contest second place: Eastern Kingbird and Great Egret

This photo of a kingbird attacking a much larger egret earned high praise from our judges … Grace of Pearl Thank You Gift for Hosting Baby Shower Hostess Gi

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2021 Birds in Flight contest third place: Osprey

Photos of the day: October 16-31, 2021


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Birding at home

A birdfeeding shopping list

Contributing Editor Laura Erickson provides advice on how to buy birdseed, suet, and other feeder fare … Read More “A birdfeeding shopping list”

Tips for finding and growing native plants for birds

This excerpt from Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife explains how to purchase native plants for your yard … Read More “Tips for finding and growing native plants for birds”

Birdfeeding basics

Find out how easy it is to attract cardinals, orioles, and other birds with seeds, oranges, suet, and other treats … Read More “Birdfeeding basics”